Agricultural and Growth Chambers

Blutree is the premium indoor air delivery system for Agriculture and Growth Chambers

agriculture 2Drawing on 35 years of creating heating and cooling systems within commercial greenhouses across North America, we are pleased to provide solutions for Growth Chambers, Agricultural indoor farming and Wineries.

Blutree systems are modular, and include air filtration. Options include ultraviolet air cleaning/sanitization and humidity controls. We create a clean balanced predicable environment vertically and horizontally, heated or cooled.

  • Growth Chambers
    • Our unique design allows for waste heat from one growth chamber to be used in adjacent chambers, without cross air contamination.
    • Blutree Systems, uses a specialized air ventilation system to move the conditioned air to all areas of the plant canopy.
    • The BluTree system reduces plant stress with a balanced climate for temperature and humidity, paying critical attention to the ‘Latent vs Sensible heat’.
    • uses one air handling unit to heat, cool, dehumidify and inject fresh ‘outside air’ – reducing energy and filtration requirements,
    • incorporates electronic-controls coordinated grow-light cycles.

    Growth Chamber Kits 

      Optional and quick to erect, The Growth Chamber Kits are food grade insulated and painted panels customized to your room size specifications and configured to accommodate our Air Management System. A typical room of 800 square feet can be assembled in around 6 hours. Each room is supplied with walls and roof. (Floors are optional) Each piece uses Cam Locks to connect securely to the next piece, with a vital air seal. The kits include high quality doors, also providing an excellent air seal.  Appreciate that the better the quality of the air seal, the better the internal environment; all parts working together to create a healthy vibrant environment through the plant canopy. The BluTree facility then ends up with a predicable product of healthier and higher quality than standard facilities.

  • Convective germination chambers receive extremely even vertical air temperatures, thus providing even soil agriculture 1temperatures for rooting cuttings and/or germinating seeds. This creates an ideal environment for medicinal products.
  • Wine aging chambers benefit from the even vertical air temperatures and humidity. wine roomConsistency in aging and reduced angel share promotes prime uniformity per batch increasing revenues while reducing costs on top-ups.
  • Livestock and poultry barns benefit with consistent climates within specific zones, while controlling air quality both inbound and exiting.

poultry barn

Custom, individualized heat recovery systems.

In many agricultural/commercial operations the waste energy can be recovered to reduce utility costs. BluTree custom heat recovery systems have been proven to reduce Natural Gas consumption in Greenhouse operations by a significant amount creating a impressive ROI (return on investment).

Contact us for a custom designed system that meets your energy recovery needs.