What is BluTree?

We manufacture and supply BluTree Indoor Climate Control Systems.

Our systems are unique from the standard forced air systems many are familiar with. Our new modular air handling systems provide excellent control of building envelope climates, provide excellent fresh air changes, and use far less energy than that of conventional convection or forced air systems. We use belt-less  direct drive motors and extra insulation to do its work very quietly. We use heat recovery and fresh air to minimize energy use in either heating or cooling. One of the unique functions of our system is to control ‘Relative Humidity’ so that the set comfort temperature is truly comfortable. We will use cold water coils for the air-conditioning (in conjunction with a condenser or heat pump) option. Multiple options are available for sourcing the heat; from electric duct heater to heat pumps with hot water coils.

The BluTree system produces a equalized temperature everywhere within the building; residential, commercial or industrial; single or multiple floors. The system improves the air quality with a regulated amount of fresh air and constant filtering; minimizing dust, removing musty smells and other odors. Air-borne bacteria and germs escaping standard filters can be treated with the optional ultraviolet irradiation. Total air flow is carefully planned to determine duct placements for both supply and return. Our unique air-flow design bathes the walls with air-flow in such a way that reduces heat loss. Our trade secret computerized control system regulates these air flows and temperatures as each situation dictates. Ensuring the air within the building stays at the temperature set point, whether it is too cold outside or too hot. Our controls offer remote access for our technician through the internet to “tune” your system, or to view alarms. Optionally there is a smartphone application for users to remotely change their set-point and similar operational functions.

We are made-in-BC technology.

The systems were developed through years of research and development done here in the Greater Vancouver area. We are experienced in residential, commercial and industrial environments.