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Reduce energy costs and improve air quality with BluTree comprehensive HVAC solutions.

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How can you keep a room warm, fresh and comfortable with today’s high heating costs? One of the big challenges facing homeowners today is how to keep temperatures constant – not just from room to room, but also from floor to floor. BluTree has found the solution.

Residential single detached HVAC designs

Rammed Earth House,  Whistler BC

BluTree can be designed and incorporated to suit any building, preferably incorporated at the design phase to ensure duct routing. The technology can have energy recovery and can be combined with various heat/cooling sources, filtration systems.

Muti Unit Residential buildings

coupleBluTree HVAC designs take multi unit buildings and creates energy recovery combined with centralized heating/cooling energy sources. Thus the construction costs are reduced,  no noisy heat-pumps on the balconies, easy maintenance and individual indoor climate control.

How Does it Work?

The BluTree system works by creating a constant, gentle flow of rising air throughout a room. While  traditional forced-air systems must rely on blasting short bursts of hot air to heat rooms, BluTree provides airflow that is prepared for the room’s temperature needs before being introduced, reducing variation and the uneven distribution that furnaces creates. It also brings in levels of fresh air that are normally only seen by opening windows.

Improved Air Quality, Energy Savings, Even Temperature, Fresh Air

Benefits of Incorporating BluTree System:

  • Greater indoor comfort
  • No hot or cold spots
  • Eliminates musty corners and drafts
  • Constant incoming flow of fresh air
  • Recycles heat from exhausting air
  • Reduces need to open windows for fresh air
  • Fewer parts, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs
  • Ultra-quiet, variable-speed motor
  • Optional air humidification/de-humidification

BluTree Helps Improve Air Quality

We normally open our windows to bring fresh air into a room, which affects the temperature and oftentimes makes the heating system work to restore it. BluTree regularly brings fresh air into interior spaces at set temperatures, meaning more comfortable rooms. Reusable filters remove dust and allergens from the air, and a UV treatment option can be added to the system to kill germs and pathogens.

For additional information on BluTree for Residential download our brochure. 

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